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20 March, 2015 – Present



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Since its recognition in the early 90’s, the Americans With Disability (ADA) Act has been plagued with slow adoption times in accessibility and over litigation to businesses without the proper tools to assist in education, compliance and remediation.  The federal government has made the requirement clear for both the public and private sectors, accessibility for all.  It has been Technicate’s goal to develop a comprehensive tool, utilizing Agile based development practices, that assists inspectors in their onsite inspections in a more standardized and efficient way, so the public and private sectors can get to remediation faster.

How we did it

Technicate partnered with leaders in the ADA inspection industry, including CalCASp to provide the experience necessary in creating the perfect tool.  Mark Wood and Paul Klein, at CalCASp, are the top trainers and inspectors in California’s accessibility certification (CASp).  California is know to have the most stringent ADA requirements out of any state.   With their knowledge of the pitfalls and how they succeeded around them, we were able to build a viable commercial product in just under two years.  Our agile based development practices allow us to evolve this product as the industry continues to grow.

Technicate leveraged its data center cloud service to rapidly deploy customer instances

Technicate built a scalable cloud product that would allow customer’s inspection data to be separated and unique.  Additionally, this allows Techniacte to customize the environment to fit then specific needs of the entity.

Technicate built a native mobile inspection application for field inspectors

ADA field inspectors needed a way to immediately annotate their findings.  Technicate utilized native mobile application methodologies for both iOS and Android to create a rapid annotation tool.  Thanks to our ADA subject matter experts, It includes all of the ADA standards, inspection checklists and figures at the fingertips of our inspectors.


Since it’s release in 2015, BlueDAG has grown into the go-to tool for ADA coordinators and inspectors.  Our team of developers and consultants has tripled in size.  Technicate continues evolving the product and has begun the process to working with industry leaders to implement their ideas in the product.  BlueDAG has presented at industry trade shows and has built a vast portfolio of customers and raving fans.

Technicate continues to be excited about the growth BlueDAG has enjoyed and plans building upon that for it’s lifetime.

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